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By Amie Jane Leavitt

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YOGA Fitness Amie Jane Leavitt P O Box 196 Hockessin DE 19707 Yoga Fitness book indd 1 5 6 14 11 32 AM African Dance Trends Get Fit with Video Workouts Line Dances Around the World Trends in Hip-Hop Dance Trends in Martial Arts The World of CrossFit Yoga Fitness Zumba Fitness Copyright 2015 by Mitchell Lane Publishers All rights reserved No part of this book may be reproduced without written permission from the publisher Printed and bound in the United States of America PUBLISHER S NOTE The facts in this book have been thoroughly researched Documentation of such research can be found on page 45 While every possible effort has been made to ensure accuracy the publisher will not assume liability for damages caused by inaccuracies in the data and makes no warranty on the accuracy of the information contained herein The Internet sites referenced herein were active as of the publication date Due to the eeting nature of some web sites we cannot guarantee that they will all be active when you are reading this book Yoga Fitness book indd 2 Printing 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Leavitt Amie Jane Yoga tness by Amie Jane Leavitt pages cm Dance and tness trends Audience Age 9-13 Audience Grade 4 to 8 Includes bibliographical references and index ISBN 978-1-61228-551-1 library bound 1 Hatha yoga Juvenile literature 2 Exercise Juvenile literature 3 Mind and body Juvenile literature I Title RA781 7 L435 2015 613 7 046 dc23 2014006933 eBook ISBN 9781612285917 5 6 14 11 32 AM Contents Chapter One Do I Really Want to Be a Yogi or Yogini 5 Popularity of Yoga Fun Yoga Facts 11 Chapter Two Thousands of Years Ago and Thousands of Miles Away 13 Six Paths of Yoga 21 Chapter Three How Are a Pigeon a Cobra and a Downward-Facing Dog Alike 23 How Can I Get Started 29 Chapter Four Yoga The Strengthening of Body Mind and Spirit 31 How Do People Benefit from Doing Yoga 37 Chapter Five Taking Your Practice to the Next Level 39 Who is Yoga For 43 Where to Get Started 44 Further Reading 45 Books 45 Recommended DVDs 45 On the Internet 45 Works Consulted 45 Glossary 46 Index 47 Yoga Fitness book indd 3 5 6 14 11 33 AM When standing in mountain pose the body is strong and the mind is quiet Mountain pose is also called tadasana Yoga Fitness book indd 4 5 6 14 11 33 AM Chapter 1 Do I Really Want to Be a Yogi or Yogini Lizzie follows her friend Micah up the stairs into the large studio at the community center It s cozy and warm inside with soft lighting dark hardwood oors and a creamy vanillacolored paint on the walls The large picture windows on the west side of the room sparkle with golden sunlight Red orange and yellow leaves dance about on the trees outside as the wind softly rustles through them It s late afternoon in early autumn and today is the day Lizzie has nally agreed to try her very rst yoga class She s a little worried Will she like yoga as much as Micah has promised Will she be any good at it You can put your shoes socks and jacket over here Micah says as he places his own jacket on a hook and kicks his shoes and socks under a long wooden bench Then as Lizzie puts away her shoes and jacket Micah opens up one of the cupboards Here is a yoga mat for you to use he says handing her a long green mat that is rolled up like a tube Don t worry Micah says as he sees the anxious look on her face I ll show you how to roll it out and the teacher will show you how to do all the poses It s going to be fun Micah and Lizzie walk barefoot over to the middle of the room They unroll their mats and lay them out near each other It s best if they re not right next to each other Micah explains That way we will have plenty of room to move our arms and legs out during the poses Soon the rest of the room lls up with mats and people of all ages Lizzie and Micah are de nitely not the youngest even though she thought they would be Three second graders 5 Yoga Fitness book indd 5 5 6 14 11 33 AM Chapter 1 one third grader and one fourth grader from their school have set up their mats in the front of the room near the teacher That s Emmaline Micah says She s the teacher Emmaline unrolls her mat and places it just below the big picture windows She slips off her ip- ops and places them by the front wall Then she sits down on her mat and speaks to the class Do any of you have any concerns you d like me to know about tonight Emmaline has a soft soothing voice that Lizzie nds very calming and peaceful One man in the back raises his hand and says he has a lower back injury A lady in the front raises her hand and says that she must be careful with her shoulders and neck because of a surgery she had years ago A young teenager near the door says he recently hurt his knee in football practice Thank you for this information Emmaline says I will make sure I give some extra help to those students as we move through our poses Oh I guess I should ask too is anyone here today for the rst time My friend Lizzie is Micah announces to the class Lizzie shrinks on her mat She gets a little shy around people she doesn t know But then instantly Emmaline speaks out to reassure her Welcome Lizzie Emmaline says Just follow my lead tonight and you will be ne If you have any questions be sure to let me know She gives Lizzie a warm smile Lizzie smiles back Emmaline then walks across the room and puts on some soft music It reminds Lizzie of the music she hears at the Indian restaurant that her family goes to often She really likes it It feels peaceful and relaxing Om Om Om the voice chants through the speakers Stand at the top of your mats students Your feet should be hip-distance apart Spread your toes out so they grip the mat Now place your arms and hands directly beside your 6 Yoga Fitness book indd 6 5 6 14 11 33 AM Do I Really Want to Be a Yogi or Yogini legs This is mountain pose Emmaline speaks slowly and clearly in her smooth calm voice Lizzie follows Emmaline s instructions This is easy she thinks to herself First pose done Look down at your ngers and think about the present moment Forget about all the stress from your day Let it melt away Think about what you d like to accomplish with your yoga practice today Be mindful of your breath Let it ll your lungs and warm your body Emmaline explains She takes a long deep breath through her nose to demonstrate proper breathing to the class This long deep breath reminds Lizzie of the powerful sound of the ocean s waves as they crash on the shore at the beach She also likes the way it feels when she breathes in so deep that she can almost feel it in her toes Now as you breathe in lift your hands up in a big arch towards the sky Emmaline says Look up at your ngertips Then as you breathe out lower them back down as you swan dive into our second pose the forward bend Slightly bend your knees and touch your ngertips to the oor if you can If you can t touch the oor bend your knees a little more until your ngers are on your mat We will hold this pose a little longer this time and let you breathe in and out a few breaths Lizzie likes the way this pose feels She felt graceful as she swooped down with her arms in the swan dive Now the forward bend is stretching the backs of her legs She hadn t realized it before but her legs sure are tense from sitting at her school desk all day long Now straighten your legs class Emmaline instructs Then as you breathe in straighten your back out like a table Breath out and return back to forward bend The class moves into poses called cobra and downward-facing dog Lizzie can feel both the front and the back of her body stretching in these positions Emmaline instructs the class to move into a 7 Yoga Fitness book indd 7 5 6 14 11 33 AM Chapter 1 There are several different ways to do the forward bend or uttanasana The full pose like the one shown in the picture is the most advanced The knees are kept straight and the hands are completely on the floor Other modifications can include bending the knees or resting the hands on blocks 8 Yoga Fitness book indd 8 5 6 14 11 33 AM Do I Really Want to Be a Yogi or Yogini forward bend again Now breathe in and swoop back up for a reverse swan dive Breathe out and bring your hands back to your side Congratulations to our rst timer Lizzie She just completed her very rst sun salutation Lizzie beams My rst sun salutation How cool is this she thinks to herself Micah can see the happiness on her face See I told you it was fun and easy You ll like the rest of the practice too he smiles back at her Micah is right Lizzie does like the rest of the practice They do many other kinds of fun poses like tree pose child s pose and pigeon She never knew that yoga had so many fun names for its exercises It feels like she is playing or creating more than she is working out Maybe there is something to this yoga after all she decides At the end of the one-hour practice Lizzie is feeling a little tired from all the poses Yet her muscles feel energized and long and lean Emmaline tells the class to lie down on the oor with their backs at on their mats She tells them to just let their arms relax out to their sides with their palms facing up Their legs should be stretched out at on the mat Then she turns out the lights and closes the blinds of the big picture windows so it s dark in the room She speaks in her soothing calm voice again All of you who are familiar with yoga know that this is our favorite part Those who are new to this practice let me explain what we re doing now This is called shavasana or corpse pose For the next ve minutes I want you to just completely relax Release all the tension from your toes your ngertips your legs your arms your back Relax your face muscles and keep your eyes closed Relax your breath Lizzie feels completely relaxed In fact she has never felt so comfortable in her life not even on her own comfy bed And here she was lying on a thin rubber mat on a hard wood 9 Yoga Fitness book indd 9 5 6 14 11 33 AM Chapter 1 In corpse pose or shavasana yogis lie on their backs with their arms and legs flat on the mat This pose the last one of any yoga practice is a pose of relaxation oor She feels as though she is oating on a soft puffy cloud and all the stress from her day has totally disappeared She almost drifts off to sleep but then she hears Emmaline s soft soothing voice Okay class the ve minutes is up It s now time to slowly come out of shavasana Start to wiggle your ngers and toes Keep your eyes closed but slowly roll over to your right side with your legs curled When you re ready raise yourself to a seated position with your legs crossed Now place your right thumb over your right nostril and breathe through your left nostril Now remove your thumb Take your right index nger over your left nostril and breathe through your right nostril Slowly open your eyes I hope you have all met your intentions for your practice today Go out and have a great rest of the day I ll see you back here on Thursday Namaste The teacher bows to the class from her seated position Then she gets up and slowly opens the blinds on the windows So what did you think Micah asks Lizzie I loved it she replies What time is class on Thursday 10 Yoga Fitness book indd 10 5 6 14 11 33 AM Popularity of Yoga Fun Yoga Facts Over the last decade yoga has become very popular in the United States In 2008 Yoga Journal conducted a study through Sports Marketing Surveys USA It was found that about 15 8 million people in the United States practiced yoga on a regular basis Now fast forward four years to 2012 The same survey was conducted but by that year 20 4 million people were practicing yoga on a regular basis and 44 4 percent of the people who were not practicing said they would very much like to get involved in it Here are some more interesting yoga statistics Of the 20 4 million people who were practicing yoga in the United States in 2012 44 8 percent consider themselves beginners of that number 22 9 percent are new to yoga while 21 9 percent are beginning to practice yoga again after taking some time off 39 6 percent consider themselves intermediate 15 6 percent consider themselves advanced expert And some fun yoga facts People are combining yoga with other workouts and hobbies to create new and exciting types of fitness regimes Doga Don t leave Fido at home Bring him with you to these people- and pet-friendly workouts Chances are your dog will love doing the downward-facing dog Yogalates This workout blends the best of yoga and Pilates together Acroyoga Work together with a friend or classmate to do acrobatic movements as a team Dance Acroyoga Fitness 11 Yoga Fitness book indd 11 5 6 14 11 33 AM Placing the hands at heart s center reminds yogis to be mindful of their practice That means that they are to think about their breath and their poses and forget about the worries and stresses of their day Yoga Fitness book indd 12 5 6 14 11 33 AM Chapter 2 Thousands of Years Ago and Thousands of Miles Away Unlike many other tness programs that have their origins in modern times yoga actually began many thousands of years ago in a place many thousands of miles away The Indus Valley is located in what is today known as Afghanistan Pakistan and northwestern India It extends along the Indus River which is one of Asia s most important rivers This area is home to one of humanity s earliest civilizations the Indus Valley Civilization At its peak it s believed that this civilization had a population of over ve million The people of the Indus Valley farmed built homes out of mud bricks made handicrafts and artwork out of clay and metal crafted tools and weapons out of bronze and copper and traded with other people who lived along the river And apparently some of these people also did yoga The Indus Valley Civilization existed around ve thousand years ago Archaeologists have discovered stone seals here that they believe were carved by these people These sculptures are particularly interesting because they are the oldest known pieces of art that show people in yoga poses This artwork dates back to about 3000 BCE Beginning in the third century BCE written texts from northwestern India also described yoga poses meditation and the bene ts of doing both So exactly what is yoga Yoga is a philosophy or way of thinking The word yoga comes from the Sanskrit language It means to yoke or unite This uniting has two meanings First of all in yoga it s important for the physical body to become more aware of or united with the mind and the 13 Yoga Fitness book indd 13 5 6 14 11 33 AM Chapter 2 spirit It s also important for the physical body to become more united with nature or the universe as a whole The most popular path of yoga in the Western world is hatha yoga which emphasizes physical movements and breath control Because of that it s this speci c type of yoga that will be focused on throughout the rest of this book Hatha yoga includes many different styles but within all of these styles the same postures are taught For example all hatha styles teach the pose called downward-facing dog However one style might have you move quickly through this pose while another style might have you hold it for a longer length of time and really focus on your alignment the way your body is positioned and your breathing Here are ve examples of different styles of hatha yoga Iyengar Yoga This style of teaching was developed by a man named B K S Iyengar He is known all over the world as one of the greatest living yogis people who practice yoga He spent several decades developing this style Iyengar yoga is a therapeutic type of yoga It is really great for people who have had injuries because it is a slow moving yoga that places emphasis on proper alignment of the muscles and skeleton In Iyengar yoga the poses are held for a longer length of time than in most other types of yoga The idea with this type of yoga is that when the poses are done precisely the person will develop balance exibility stamina and improved overall health In Iyengar yoga many different types of props are used like blankets straps blocks ropes sandbags wedges benches stools boxes and even wooden gymnastic-type horses Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga This type of yoga is also just called Ashtanga yoga vinyasa yoga or ow yoga It is probably one of the most well-known 14 Yoga Fitness book indd 14 5 6 14 11 33 AM Thousands of Years Ago and Thousands of Miles Away types of hatha yoga because it s the yoga that is generally offered at tness gyms Power yoga is also based on this type of yoga Ashtanga vinyasa yoga was initially developed by K Pattabhi Jois in the mid-1900s at his Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute in southern India In this type of yoga students learn a series of postures and perform them in a speci c order The class begins with the sun salutation poses or as they are called in Sanskrit surya namaskara In traditional Ashtanga vinyasa yoga the poses are taught in a primary series an intermediate series and four advanced series Students do not move on to the intermediate series until the poses in the primary series have been mastered In many gyms a derivative form is taught that incorporates the same poses but the teacher has more freedom to arrange the order of the poses The reason that Ashtanga vinyasa is also called ow yoga is because each pose ows smoothly into the next pose until the entire series is nished As students complete the poses in Ashtanga vinyasa they are expected to breathe in a certain way through their noses It is called the ujjayi ooh-JAI-ee breath Ujjayi is a deep breath that lls the entire belly and chest cavity with air and makes an ocean-like sound when it passes over the back of the throat This breath is supposed to do three things warm up the body get oxygen to all areas of the body and help the person to really focus their awareness on the breath while doing dif cult poses Ashtanga vinyasa is a very vigorous style of yoga The students ow through the poses rather smoothly and quickly Some students claim they get an aerobic workout from doing Ashtanga vinyasa but health experts generally agree that the practice doesn t escalate the heart rate enough to truly call it a cardio program 15 Yoga Fitness book indd 15 5 6 14 11 33 AM 16 Yoga Fitness book indd 16 5 6 14 11 33 AM Even the military includes yoga in their exercise regimens Here Major Lucy Carillo of the 379th Air Expeditionary Wing Judge Advocate leads a yoga class in Southeast Asia 17 Yoga Fitness book indd 17 5 6 14 11 33 AM There are many different types of yoga This particular one taught at Chapter 2 Rain City Yoga in Seattle is an advanced prana vinyasa class 18 Yoga Fitness book indd 18 5 6 14 11 33 AM

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