Yahoo To The Max An Extreme Searcher Guide

By Randolph Hock

  • Genre : Information Technologies
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  • ISBN : 978 0910965699
  • Year : 2005
  • Language: English


Yahoo to the Max i ii This page intentionally left blank Yahoo to the Max An Extreme Searcher Guide Randolph Hock Medford New Jersey iii iv Yahoo to the Max An Extreme Searcher Guide Copyright 2005 by Randolph E Hock All rights reserved No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any electronic or mechanical means including information storage and retrieval systems without permission in writing from the publisher except by a reviewer who may quote brief passages in a review Published by CyberAge Books an imprint of Information Today Inc 143 Old Marlton Pike Medford New Jersey 08055 Publisher s Note The author and publisher have taken care in preparation of this book but make no expressed or implied warranty of any kind and assume no responsibility for errors or omissions No liability is assumed for incidental or consequential damages in connection with or arising out of the use of the information or programs contained herein Many of the designations used by manufacturers and sellers to distinguish their products are claimed as trademarks Where those designations appear in this book and Information Today Inc was aware of a trademark claim the designations have been printed with initial capital letters Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Hock Randolph 1944Yahoo to the max an extreme searcher guide Randolph Hock foreword by Mary Ellen Bates p cm Includes index ISBN 0-910965-69-2 1 Yahoo Computer file 2 Web search engines I Title ZA4234 Y33H63 2005 025 04--dc22 2005007371 Printed and bound in the United States of America President and CEO Thomas H Hogan Sr Editor-in-Chief and Publisher John B Bryans Managing Editor Amy M Holmes Project Editor Reva Basch VP Graphics and Production M Heide Dengler Book Designer Kara Mia Jalkowski Cover Designer Shelley Szajner Proofreader Pat Hadley-Miller Indexer Sharon Hughes v Dedication To Pamela Matthew Stephen and Elizabeth vi This page intentionally left blank Contents List of Figures and Tables xi Foreword xiii by Mary Ellen Bates Acknowledgments xv Preface xvii About the Extreme Searcher s Web Page xix Chapter 1 Yahoo s Home Page An Overview of Yahoo 1 A Bit of Yahoo History 2 Exploring with Yahoo 2 Yahoo Home Page Contents 4 A Quick Look at Individual Home Page Links 5 Signing Up for Yahoo 12 Accounts and Profiles 13 Yahoo Member Directory 14 Yahoo Toolbar 15 Yahoo Help 17 Premium Services 17 Some General Points 18 Chapter 2 Searching and Browsing the Web with Yahoo 19 Yahoo The Search Engine 19 Browsing the Web The Yahoo Directory 41 Searching and Browsing 45 vii viii Yahoo to the Max Chapter 3 My Yahoo The Best General Portal on the Web 47 The Portal Concept 47 Personalizing My Yahoo 48 My Yahoo Content 52 Making the Best Use of My Yahoo 85 Chapter 4 Yahoo Groups 87 The Main Groups Page Doorway To Yahoo Groups 88 Choosing a Group of Interest 89 Joining and Using a Group 93 Starting a Yahoo Group 100 Additional Points About Yahoo Groups 104 Yahoo Groups An Indispensable Resource 105 Chapter 5 Yahoo News 107 Yahoo s News Sources 107 Yahoo News Home Page 108 Searching the News 113 Important Yahoo News Features 119 The Best Place for News 126 Chapter 6 Yahoo The Great Communicator 127 Yahoo Mail 127 Yahoo Messenger 140 Chat 153 Message Boards 155 GeoCities 157 A Great Collection of Communication Tools 158 Chapter 7 Buying and Selling Through Yahoo 159 Yahoo Shopping 159 Yahoo Auctions 167 Classifieds 173 Yahoo Stores 176 A Final Word on Shopping 176 Contents Chapter 8 Yahoo Finance 177 Yahoo Finance Home Page 177 Quote Search 179 Yahoo Finance Centers 180 Yahoo Personal Finance Centers 187 Getting the Max from Yahoo Finance 192 Chapter 9 Other Seriously Useful Yahoo Stuff 195 International Yahoo 195 U S City Guides 196 Travel 198 Maps 202 Weather 205 Health 206 People Search 208 Photos 209 Yahooligans 210 Yahoo Mobile 212 LAUNCH Music on Yahoo 213 Yahoo Desktop Search 215 Other Seriously Useful Stuff 216 Conclusion 217 About the Author 219 Index 221 ix x This page intentionally left blank Figures Figure 1 1 Yahoo Home Page 3 Figure 1 2 Yahoo Account Information 13 Figure 1 3 Yahoo Member Directory 15 Figure 1 4 Yahoo Toolbar showing search options 16 Figure 2 1 Yahoo Search Home Page 20 Figure 2 2 Yahoo Advanced Search Page 27 Figure 2 3 Yahoo Search Results Page 29 Figure 2 4 Image Search Results 33 Figure 2 5 The Yahoo Directory 42 Figure 2 6 Yahoo Web Directory Subcategory Page 43 Figure 3 1 Basic My Yahoo Page 49 Figure 3 2 Personalized My Yahoo Page 50 Figure 3 3 My Yahoo Add Content Page 54 Figure 3 4 Monthly Calendar View 59 Figure 3 5 Business Finance Category Choices 70 Figure 3 6 Main Notepad Page 76 Figure 4 1 Yahoo s Main Groups Page 89 Figure 4 2 Typical Group Home Page 92 Figure 4 3 View All Messages Page 96 Figure 5 1 Yahoo News Home Page news yahoo com 109 Figure 5 2 Yahoo News Article Page 111 Figure 5 3 Yahoo Advanced News Search Page 114 xi xii Yahoo to the Max Figure 5 4 News Search Results 117 Figure 5 5 Setting Up a Keyword Alert 121 Figure 6 1 Yahoo Mail Main Page 129 Figure 6 2 Yahoo Mail Compose Message Screen 130 Figure 6 3 Yahoo Address Book 139 Figure 6 4 Yahoo Messenger Windows Main Messenger and IM 141 Figure 6 5 Yahoo Search IMVironment 152 Figure 6 6 Chat Main Page 154 Figure 6 7 Yahoo PageBuilder 158 Figure 7 1 Yahoo Shopping Main Page 160 Figure 7 2 Yahoo Product Listing Page 162 Figure 7 3 Yahoo Product Search Results Page 167 Figure 7 4 Main Yahoo Classifieds Screen 174 Figure 8 1 Yahoo Finance Home Page 178 Figure 8 2 Yahoo Finance Quotes Page 180 Figure 8 3 Yahoo Portfolio 189 Figure 9 1 Yahoo Deutschland 197 Figure 9 2 Yahoo Travel 199 Figure 9 3 Yahoo Maps SmartView 203 Figure 9 4 Yahooligans The Web Guide for Kids 210 tables Table 2 1 Shortcuts 40 Table 5 1 Comparing Yahoo Alert Options 123 Foreword I have known Ran Hock for years first merely by reputation as that guy who really knows how to search Dialog Since then I have been fortunate enough to hear his talks at many Information Today conferences and I have read his Extreme Searcher books Now he has moved from Extreme to The Max I wonder if this suggests that while you don t have to be extreme to get the most from a search engine you do have to move beyond the basics And as someone who wrote a couple of books in Information Today s Super Searchers series I am humbled to realize that Super isn t all that hot when you can take it to the max I was particularly happy to see that Ran s latest book focuses on Yahoo Over the past year or so I have noticed that I use well that other search engine you know the one that starts with G and ends with e and rhymes with oogle much less frequently than I used to Yahoo has rolled out a lot of cool features tools and resources and whenever something new comes out I know that it will be well thought out well-integrated into the rest of Yahoo s services and worth taking on a test drive When I first started using and teaching others to use the Internet back in the mid-1990s our favorite resource by far was the venerable Yahoo directory Built by humans often librarians no less and organized into sensible categories it felt like a respite from what often seemed like the World Wild Web As I expected Ran has done his usual excellent job at explaining the wide range of features available on Yahoo in Yahoo to the Max I shouldn t be surprised by now having read his other Extreme Searcher books but I still marvel that I ve even learned new things about the Yahoo features I use all the time For example I always wondered what those signs were at the end of some Yahoo Directory categories A-ha They re indications that the category is actually being cross-referenced from another area within the directory xiii xiv Yahoo to the Max So I have just learned that I should watch for those s knowing that they will help me expand my research into areas I might not have thought of otherwise I have been using the Calendar function within My Yahoo for a couple of years to coordinate my schedule with two colleagues But I had no idea that I could print out a list of our respective schedules sorted by speaking gigs vacations consulting travel and so on Cool Yahoo Groups is one of my favorite and until now I had thought secret tool for research on obscure topics I find it to be a really useful way of tapping into the knowledge base of people who follow a specific topic emergency radio frequencies women s hiking trips in the Rocky Mountains new trends in data visualization but I never realized that I could monitor the messages from Yahoo Groups through my RSS reader I have already added several Yahoo Groups to my unfortunately too-quickly expanding list of RSS feeds Thanks Ran for contributing to my information overload While I point people to Yahoo Finance for stock quotes and related company information I didn t realize that it also offered online quizzes to test readers financial savvy And as a far-too-frequent business traveler I had no idea how much information I could find in the Travel Guides My next trip to Australia will be that much simpler now that I see how much I can organize ahead of time through Yahoo Once again Ran has written a tremendously useful book my copy of which I fear will soon become dog-eared marked up and littered with sticky-notes I suggest that you do not share your copy of this book with someone else as you will probably never get it back Mary Ellen Bates Bates Information Services Inc Boulder Colorado February 2005 Acknowledgments Though it may seem simple to readers I find the Acknowledgments page to be one of the more difficult parts of the book to write As the very last thing to be submitted writing this page means that my part of the job is really over The writer s equivalent of postpartum blues threaten to set in On the other hand it is a time for celebration jubilation and if I were so inclined maybe inebriation More relevant though writing acknowledgments is humbling and challenging It is one of the actually many times when the author humbly realizes that his work really is just a part of the whole It is challenging to write because one knows that for some of the people to be thanked the adequate phrases will just not come and that there are people who should be thanked who will be left out some of whom aren t even personally known to the author In any case the following are some of the people to whom I owe thanks John Bryans Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of the Books Division at Information Today Inc goes above and beyond the call of duty in being involved with and showing support for each of my books from when I first broach the idea of the book through its entire life In addition to his expertise and knowledge he provides frequent doses of both enthusiasm and reality from the biggest issues to the smallest I am deeply grateful to John for his knowledge support and friendship I feel very lucky that Amy Holmes Managing Editor of Information Today s Books Division is handling the editorial side of this project I am extremely grateful not just for her expertise input and astute observations but also for the extraordinary flexibility she has shown There were many times when she could have legitimately said No that involves too much work at my end but instead she cheerfully said Yes Amy is an author s dream I am also much indebted to Reva Basch Project Editor I am very fortunate that John chose her for the job I suspect that it is rare that an author is provided with an editor who has Reva s combination of writing skills and xv xvi Yahoo to the Max subject expertise Because of this combination and her care and diligence there are a lot of places in the book that are now much easier for the reader to understand I also wish to thank Mary Ellen Bates colleague and friend who was kind enough to write the Foreword She is proof of the adage If you want to get something done and done right ask a busy person I am truly grateful that she was willing to take time out from her very busy work and travel schedule to do this There are a number of other people at Information Today to whom I also owe thanks These include Heide Dengler and her staff including the book s designer Kara Jalkowski and the cover designer Shelley Szajner I hope that readers will be as impressed as I am with what they have delivered Once again I thank Tom Hogan Sr for the existence of Information Today and for his enthusiasm for my books I am always grateful to Heather Rudolph Marketing Manager for being there to get innumerable things done on the marketing side Thanks also to Tom Hogan Jr for his broader role in the marketing of the book Finally I thank the readers of my previous books and the attendees of my workshops for their continued support encouragement and inspiration Preface The reason I wrote this book besides helping to provide lunch money for my kids is that I am very impressed with Yahoo Yahoo does more for me than any other Web site At first I spent relatively little time with Yahoo in my Internet workshops However the more I used it especially after I made My Yahoo my start page the more I began to discover its thousands of valuable nooks and crannies Then in 2004 Yahoo switched its emphasis from directory to search The same year Yahoo developed a Web search database of its own that is very competitive with Google s At that point it was apparent that serious searchers extreme searchers power searchers call them what you will could use a book aimed at helping them get the most from Yahoo Yahoo is one of the most powerful and content-rich sites on the Internet Its features and excellent content are very well integrated For instance you can immerse yourself in news on Yahoo s News page but you can also select particular news categories that will appear on your My Yahoo page Not only that you can have News Alerts sent to you via e-mail or Yahoo s Instant Messaging service Yahoo fits the pieces together very nicely and in doing so makes the whole significantly greater than the sum of its parts The downside of such a rich site is that given Yahoo s range of content the interconnections among different content areas and the variety of ways to get at that content it s not easy to gain a quick grasp on what the site can do and what you can do with it This book is aimed at helping you easily identify and use the parts of Yahoo that are relevant to you It is arranged so that you can readily spot and skip over the sections that are obviously of no interest Of course since I spent hundreds of hours slaving over a hot keyboard to carefully craft every word in the book I hope you won t skip a single one I would like to think that every sentence I have written here has a chance of improving your life and the well-being of humanity Humility is just one of my many strong xvii xviii Yahoo to the Max points More realistically I hope you will at least skim all sections of the book Some Yahoo features that might sound uninteresting on the surface could prove useful to you in ways you didn t expect As much as I like Yahoo I will quickly admit that it s not perfect As with just about any very large site some of its features don t work perfectly 100 percent of the time Considering the number of Yahoo s offerings and the breadth of its content such failings are relatively rare For the most part I have only good things to say about Yahoo Occasionally I will mention a weakness but the good things are what s valuable and where the emphasis will lie Sometimes you ll find I get almost effusive because I really am that enthusiastic about some of Yahoo s offerings But I try at least for a modicum of objectivity For example the reason I think that My Yahoo is the Web s best general portal is because I have rigorously compared it to the others even if the actual comparisons don t appear in this book How much detail to present was a particularly challenging issue I have tried to mention everything that I think a power user should know about I have made an effort to include information that should be useful in quickly getting to know your way around and learning how to do what you ll probably want to do I have gone into great detail in describing some Yahoo pages functions and features I ve pointed out virtually every item on the page if I think they re useful and might be missed by someone visiting there for the first time In other places I ve purposely left out items that I think are trivial obvious or advertisements I have used a click here then click there approach only where I think it would be useful Where a potential application of a feature is not obvious I have tried to point out why you might want to use it This is not intended to be the definitive everything anyone might ever want to know about Yahoo book It is intended to guide the serious extreme user in getting the most from Yahoo One last word Be aware that sites like Yahoo are constantly being refined updated and reorganized and that the location or even presence of a link or other content may change If something is not where I say it is just look elsewhere on the page or use Yahoo s own search function to locate the feature or content you want I hope that this book will indeed help you get the max from Yahoo About the Extreme Searcher s Web Page www extremesearcher com Yahoo is fortunately constantly changing adding content occasionally dropping content rearranging things and otherwise changing its design To help you keep aware of changes that have occurred since the publication of this book a Web page for Yahoo to the Max is provided by the author It is part of The Extreme Searcher s Web Page and is available at www extremesearcher com Enjoy your visit there and please send any feedback by e-mail to ran extremesearcher com Disclaimer Neither publisher nor author make any claim as to the results that may be obtained through the use of The Extreme Searcher s Web Page or of any of the Internet resources it references or links to Neither publisher nor author will be held liable for any results or lack thereof obtained by the use of this page or any of its links for any third-party charges or for any hardware software or other problems that may occur as a result of using it The Extreme Searcher s Web Page is subject to change or discontinuation without notice at the discretion of the publisher and author xix

Author Randolph Hock Isbn 978 0910965699 File size 12 8 MB Year 2005 Pages 256 Language English File format PDF Category Information Technologies Yahoo has a wide range of ways to find information communicate invest shop and sell and this book provides an overview of the popular Web portal Details on Web searching finding and customizing news and using and creating discussion groups are included as well as information on using Yahoo for communicating with e mail and instant messagin