Wilma s World Good Advice From A Good Dog

By Rae Dunn

  • Genre : Animals
  • Publisher :
  • ISBN : 978 1452140223
  • Year : 2015
  • Language: English


This book is dedicated to my mom and dad who made sure we always had a family dog WILMA S WORLD G O O D A D V I C E F RO M A G OO D D O G BY WILMA THE DOG CHRONICLE BOOKS SAN FRANCISCO INTRODUCTION Welcome to Wilma s World where life is simple and full of joy and adventure is around every corner Wilma has taught me that the beautiful things in life as in art happen when you are open to the unexpected I was originally searching for a brown rough coat playful Jack Russell Terrier But there was Wilma Black smooth and calm Sitting off to the side by herself simply observing Our eyes locked and our fate was set In that moment I learned my first lesson from Wilma Let life surprise you Wilma is a perfect co-pilot Like Wilma I have never been a big talker but I have a lot to say When I first touched clay I found my voice When I first photographed Wilma I found hers She is subtle funny and iconic Tugging at her leash pulling me left when I want to go right she inspires me to stop and notice everything The simplicity of that just slowing down noticing the little things observing rather than reacting gives me new perspective and makes me feel more connected to the earth Wilma has so much wisdom to share that I couldn t keep it all to myself So in Wilma s words let the adventures BEGIN naedunn rae dunn start each day with a well BALANCED breakfast TELL your story be open to WHEREVER life takes You i find INSPIRATION in Unexpected places CELEBRATE every day Keep good COMPANY look for OPPORTUNITIES around eyery corner it s OKAY to get your hands dirty put your TOES in the Sand take time to REFLECT get ROPED into new experiences

Author Rae Dunn Isbn 978 1452140223 File size 64 6 MB Year 2015 Pages 128 Language English File format PDF Category Animals Welcome to Wilma s World where life is full of joy and adventure lies around every corner This charming book of photographs celebrates the wise insights of a special dog whose musings remind us to slow down and see the beauty in simple things Wilma s handmade style and playful personality will inspire adventurous spirits everywhere Download 64 6 MB All Abou