Wild Nights

By David Deida

  • Genre : Relationships
  • Publisher :
  • ISBN : 978 1591792338
  • Year : 2005
  • Language: English


Praise for David Deida David Deida s work reveals a depth of loving the human condition and understanding its immanent spirituality I ve seldom seen even in a glimmer It s hard for me to find words with which to express my appreciation and admiration for this unique gift Jenny Wade Ph D author of Transcendent Sex When Lovemaking Opens the Veil I feel that Deida has reached a new level of poetic genius in his writing and his understanding of feminine psychology astounds me Miranda Shaw Ph D author of Passionate Enlightenment Women in Tantric Buddhism The openness the love What lively new language David Deida finds for the unsayable Coleman Barks author of The Essential Rumi David Deida is a jewel in the crown of those that are willing to live the Truth beyond trying to escape into the Absolute If you want to know how deeply we can open to God and how drastically this can be mirrored in our daily lives then David is your companion where others fear to tread Vartman author of Unreasonable Happiness He pulls no punches and brooks no weaknesses his insights about male female interaction can t help but stimulate a more active understanding of this complicated dynamic than a galaxy of Mars Venus clones Napra Review David Deida must have the biggest balls in contemporary spirituality Being able to teach and live integrated sex relationship and transcendence is no easy task It requires immense courage wisdom and above all fearless loving In Deida all this gets included in one radical teaching Deida gracefully illuminates and integrates the rawness of sex the polarity of the masculine feminine relationship and the heart s true desire to transcend it all Through the communion of duality in its most obvious play the realization of Love Oneness that lies at the very heart of us is recognised Deida is this love s true poet helping us to get real get wild open up and be truly liberated Vijay Rana The Watkins Review I have been exploring the subject of sacred sexuality for more than ten years and find David Deida s perspective radical profound and extremely effective In David s teaching sex becomes an adventure in opening to love as love His deep insights on the differences between masculine and feminine spirituality are unique and unparalleled in my experience His wisdom has touched me profoundly and I recommend his work to anyone who wants to transform their sexuality and their life Cynthia Connop producer director of the films Sacred Sex and Secrets of Sacred Sex David Deida is an extraordinary teacher of great wisdom and wit He speaks and writes with eloquent clarity a major contribution to the exploration of masculine and feminine spirituality Craig Schindler J D Ph D author of The Great Turning President Project Victory David Deida brings spirituality down from the clouds and back into our bodies where it belongs His no-nonsense approach to refining our spiritual sensibilities comes as a welcome intervention to both New Age and conservative trends in contemporary spirituality Deida helps us to get REAL in a world where reality is an increasingly rare commodity MARIANA CAPLAN author of Halfway Up the Mountain The Error of Premature Claims to Enlightenment wi ld nights conversations with Mykonos about wi ld nights passionate love extraordinary sex and how to open to God David Deida IMPORTANT CAUTION Please read this Although anyone may find the practices disciplines and understandings in this book to be useful it is made available with the understanding that neither the author nor the publisher are engaged in presenting specific medical psychological emotional sexual or spiritual advice Nor is anything in this book intended to be a diagnosis prescription recommendation or cure for any specific kind of medical psychological emotional sexual or spiritual problem Each person has unique needs and this book cannot take these individual differences into account Each person should engage in a program of treatment prevention cure or general health only in consultation with a licensed qualified physician therapist or other competent professional Any person suffering from venereal disease or any local illness of his or her sexual organs or prostate gland should consult a medical doctor and a qualified instructor of sexual yoga before practicing the sexual methods described in this book This is a work of fiction Names characters places and incidents are either the products of the author s imagination or are used fictitiously and any resemblance to actual persons living or dead business establishments events or locales is entirely coincidental Sounds True Inc Boulder CO 80306 2005 David Deida All rights reserved No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner without written permission from the author and publisher Published 2005 Printed in Canada ISBN 1-59179-233-9 Library of Congress Control Number 2004114681 Table of contents Foreword by Gabriel Cousens M D xi Preface xiii 1 The Red Realm 1 2 Wild Night 13 3 Thimble 45 4 Blue Truth 55 5 Beyond Bondage 69 6 She Comes in Two 81 7 Love s Wound 97 8 Being Claimed 117 9 Two White Doves 123 10 Letting Go 133 11 Big Waves 149 12 Cats and Dogs 163 13 Burden of Bliss 177 David Deida Resources 189 About the Author 193 xi Foreword Wild Nights by David Deida presents us with a spiritual challenge This book dares us to open ourselves to the fullest expression of Divine Love in every single moment with every being and every thing The tantalizing proposition of this book is Are we willing to be ecstatically and fearlessly present within our everyday experience Are we willing to keep our hearts open to be continuously consumed by the Laughing Mama Are we willing to choose to continuously make love with the Divine One In Wild Nights David makes brilliant use of our society s focus on sexuality as a medium to inspire us to be smithereened in bliss opened beyond all limits loved absolutely to give of ourselves completely to infinity David plays joyfully powerfully and masterfully with his teacher s message at a level of spiritual clarity that is awesome With finesse David guides us into the experience where fuck becomes more than sex where it becomes the pulse of God As with the Medieval Kabbalahists and the Sufi poetry of Kabir and Hafiz where sex is a metaphor for opening to the Foreword Divine dance this book exposes us to the experience of Kashmir Shavism or the Truth of Tantra We are taken far deeper than the genital location to the fearless state of vulnerability where we are penetrated by God in every moment We are led beyond the illusion of doing self-improvement and Tantric techniques to the xii surrendered unlimited direct state of being the Ultimate Truth in every moment Wild Nights is a radically effective work that can arouse a shift of consciousness in a way that knocks on the doors of Liberation Beyond the fear of death and the fear of life we begin to pulse with the scintillating synchronous non-dual dual play of consciousness in every moment We open to Life and Love in every breath This creates the mind space where we die into the infinite openness of the total uninhibited raw Truth The answer to David s dare is Yes we can be fully present with our hearts available continuously choosing to make love with the Divine One For those who are ready this book propels us into the final leap of faith beyond the frontier of the mind into the pulsating ecstatic silent That where all illusions are stripped away and we dance naked with God Gabriel Cousens M D author of Spiritual Nutrition and the Rainbow Diet Wild Nights xiii preface I am often asked if Wild Nights is fact or fiction I like to answer a little of both Some of the events described convey personal changes in my life Some are fictional events created to reflect my own internal fears fantasies and desires None of the characters or dialogs are real in the sense that they accurately portray any actual persons living or dead or any conversations now or then And I certainly do not intend this story to be a recommendation of spiritual instructions to others As for honoring the traditions of authentic spiritual wisdom let me state clearly that Wild Nights in no way attempts to represent any existing teacher or spiritual tradition There are great teachings and teachers to which I can only point and if I have turned anyone to their magnificent light then I will have accomplished what I set out to do May the Lord forgive me for adding to the surfeit of spiritual consumerism and also for the heresies and wrong views that I have knowingly or inadvertently committed in Wild Nights David Deida Preface 1 The Red Realm 1 Hello my friend Mykonos said when I opened the door answering his knock He stood outside my cabin grinning a horse s smile wearing shorts and a tank top Hi I said welcoming Mykonos into my small home Come on in The one-room beach cabin had no furniture Mykonos stepped inside looked around the room for a moment and sat on the wood floor I didn t expect to see you Mykonos Well I just thought I d stop in Is that OK Of course I m just surprised that you re here I had met Mykonos twice before The first time was a few years earlier after Mykonos had been ousted by his spiritual teacher and shunned by his fellow students who he had supposedly threatened to beat with a baseball bat Then a week before his appearance at my cabin door I ran into Mykonos on the beach We sat together and talked about God The Red Realm who Mykonos called the Great One We watched women walk by and Mykonos expounded on the spiritual capacity of women s genitals which stunned me When I joked that he seemed obsessed with women he said What would you rather consider besides sex and death Not 2 much I admitted and Mykonos nodded slightly looking deep into my eyes For a moment everything stopped no sounds no motion even my breath stopped and then Mykonos got up to go From the beach I pointed out my cabin to Mykonos but I never expected him to actually show up Do you have any cold ones Mykonos asked looking toward my refrigerator I figured he wanted a beer But I didn t have any beer I didn t drink My life was very strict I did three to five hours of spiritual practices in my little cabin every day and I was a diehard vegetarian I don t have any beer I told him For a few minutes Mykonos made some small talk and then got up and left I regretted that I didn t have any beer to offer him I knew that Mykonos had a lot to offer me Mykonos was a man as ugly as he was tough I had heard that he grew up on the streets playing hockey boxing and getting into more than his share of trouble He was also a decorated Vietnam veteran After recovering from nearly fatal battle wounds Mykonos still a very young man turned from the world and wholly devoted himself to spiritual growth He spent twenty years Wild Nights studying at the feet of his spiritual teacher before being kicked out ending up in the same coastal town where I lived I knew that he spoke from an enormous wealth of spiritual knowledge what I didn t know is that he walked his talk with a vengeance and that he was about to walk into my life and change it forever The next time Mykonos showed up at my cabin door I was prepared A six-pack waited in the refrigerator Mykonos came in and sat on the floor He seemed particularly animated Do you have any cold ones my friend he asked I went to the refrigerator secretly smiling and grabbed two cans One for me one for him I handed Mykonos a beer and sat down in front of him He popped the top and raised the beer high To the Great One he toasted To the Great One I replied We both took a sip I couldn t believe it I was drinking beer In my spiritual efforts to live a healthy life I viewed alcohol as poison But I had to trust Mykonos If he wanted to drink beer with me then there must be a reason I was willing to go along with him and find out He took out a pack of cigarettes and lit one I swallowed Cigarettes I had been pure for so long I hadn t eaten meat or even drank tea for more than fifteen years I didn t want to throw away years of devout purity for a few hours of chatting with a guy who looked like a cross between an ax murderer The Red Realm 3 and a car wash attendant Mykonos was not a big man though you wouldn t want to mess with him Between his knees and his shorts scars from shrapnel wounds crisscrossed the flesh of his thighs He had a certain look in his eyes as if he knew death from both sides 4 As soon as he lit up his cigarette I was sure Mykonos felt my fear and resistance He placed the pack within my reach and nodded toward it indicating that I could help myself I didn t Mykonos took a long drag on his cigarette and then exhaled very slowly Smoke filled the room of my clean cabin He took another sip from his can of beer Ah yesss Mykonos sighed The lady is all around us He made a sweeping gesture with his hand as if to indicate the beach or maybe the entire world outside my cabin She is beautiful is she not And she d just as soon kill you Eat you alive What a bitch What a beautiful bitch Do you have any idea what I am talking about Startled by his vulgar language I nodded hoping he would tell me more We both continued drinking beer in silence I waited Then Mykonos spoke of seemingly random things books sports schemes to make money I felt he was testing me Seeing if I would bite Finding out if I was ready to receive what he had to give or whether I would be satisfied with small talk and common chat Meanwhile I was starting to feel the effects of the alcohol By then we had each drunk almost three beers Having been a long-time Wild Nights teetotaler I was beginning to spin a little bit I was losing the thread of the conversation Breathe it down my friend Suck her down your front Breathe her down to here Mykonos said firmly grabbing his crotch which frightened me Why separate yourself from her Hmmm Why not take it to her She wants you She s gonna get you one way or another She s gonna chew you up when you die And after you die On the other side She s waiting for you there too You can t escape her my friend Mykonos took another drag off his cigarette I was wordless Reeling No amount of your so-called spiritual practice can save you from her Mykonos continued You can t get away You can only love You can live in fear or you can dance with her And when you love her without holding back when you see her as she really is through and through she dies in bliss You know Only bliss But if you can t get her to spread her legs if you won t even drink a beer if you are too uptight to breathe her down to here then she s just gonna laugh at you We are talking about a big lady A very big lady Your agenda doesn t mean shit to her As he spoke I felt dizzy and my gut tensed His words were crude but he was right I had equated spiritual practice with squelching my desires denying them suppressing them I could sit in a clean room by myself and meditate for hours but I wouldn t dance with what Mykonos called the lady I was afraid of life I was afraid of death I was afraid even to drink a beer and lose my purity The Red Realm 5

Author David Deida Isbn 978 1591792338 File size 5 1 MB Year 2005 Pages 193 Language English File format PDF Category Relationships Wild Nights cuts through the illusions of modern spirituality into the depth of life before God Impure soaked with all bodily liquids pierced by clear recognition of death wide opened with the power of love living as love in any moment of daily life If you do not choose to be a hermit if you want to practice awakening within relationships in the realm wher