What to Expect the First Year Third Edition

By Heidi Murkoff and Sharon Mazel

  • Genre : Family and Friendship
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  • ISBN : 61968730
  • Year : 2014
  • Language: English


WHAT TO EXPECT FIRST YEAR THE 3RD EDITION Also Available from What to Expect What to Expect the Second Year What to Expect When You re Expecting Eating Well When You re Expecting What to Expect Before You re Expecting The What to Expect When You re Expecting Pregnancy Journal Organizer Qu puedes esperar cuando est s esperando What to Expect When You re Expecting Spanish Edition Qu puedes esperar en el primero a o What to Expect the First Year Spanish Edition The What to Expect Baby-Sitter s Handbook WHAT TO EXPECT FIRST YEAR THE 3RD EDITION By Heidi Murkoff and Sharon Mazel Foreword by Mark D Widome M D M P H Professor of Pediatrics Penn State Hershey Children s Hospital Hershey Pennsylvania Wo rkm a n Pub l i s hi ng Ne w York Copyright 1989 1996 2003 2010 2014 by What to Expect LLC Design copyright by Workman Publishing Front and back cover photographs 2014 by www mattbeard com Cover quilt Lynn Parmentier Quilt Creations quiltcreations net Quilt photography Davies Starr Interior illustrations Karen Kuchar All rights reserved No portion of this book may be reproduced mechanically electronically or by any other means including photocopying without written permission of the publisher Published simultaneously in Canada by Thomas Allen Son Limited Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publishing Data available upon request ISBN 978-0-7611-8150-7 Workman books are available at special discount when purchased in bulk for premiums and sales promotions as well as for fund-raising or educational use Special editions or book excerpts can also be created to specification For details contact the Special Sales Director at the address below or send an email to specialmarkets workman com Workman Publishing Co Inc 225 Varick Street New York NY 10014-4381 WHAT TO EXPECT is a registered trademark of What to Expect LLC WORKMAN is a registered trademark of Workman Publishing Co Inc Printed in the United States of America First printing September 2014 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Note All children are unique and this book is not intended to substitute for the advice of your pediatrician or other physician who should be consulted on infant matters especially when a baby shows any sign of illness or unusual behavior Dedication To Erik my everything To Emma Wyatt and Russell my greatest expectations To Lennox beautiful baby of the beautiful baby who started it all my sweet full circle To Arlene with so much love always and forever To my What to Expect family moms dads and babies everywhere vi acknowled g ments Even More Thanks and Hugs S o you d think that by now after all these years of writing and rewriting What to Expect books I d be able to do it by myself in my sleep and hey why not with two hands tied behind my back Well the sleep part I ve probably done at least once or twice on deadlines but I ve always needed two hands it s a typing thing and I ve always needed lots of help I couldn t do what I do by myself and I wouldn t want to try I owe so much to so many but let s start with thanks to Erik not only the man who planted the seed for What to Expect literally since he s the father of Emma the baby who started it all but the man who s helped me grow nurture nourish and protect it really co-parent it You know how they say that the more things change the more they stay the same Plenty has changed about my life and my life s work since the day I delivered Emma and a proposal for What to Expect When You re Expecting within just hours of each other but there is one thing that lucky me stays the same only consistently better the man I work with live with and love with And the babies we made together Emma and Wyatt who long ago passed me in height and shoe size and I like to joke in age but who will always be my bundles of joy and adding to the joy son-in-law Russell And of course to Lennox for making me a grandmother and the happiest imaginable one at that but also for his contributions to First Year chief among them being in his first year while I was writing it And for being the cutest cover baby ever and that s not just the grandma talking Always Arlene Eisenberg my first partner in What to Expect and always my most valued Your legacy of caring and compassion continues to shape inform inspire and of course live on through the next generation of What to Expect and beyond You will always acknowled g ments be loved and never be forgotten All my family epecially Sandee Hathaway Howard Eisenberg Abby and Norman Murkoff and Victor Shargai Sharon Mazel for taking up the What to Expect mission without hesitation joining me on the third edition of What to Expect When You re Expecting and thankfully never leaving me even as the hours and the indexes got longer Great minds may think alike but few have probably thought alike as much as we have and that always makes me smile and always makes me grateful Thanks to you and to Jay Daniella Arianne Kira and Sophia for sharing the amazing woman who is your wife and mom Suzanne Rafer friend and editor one of the very few who ve been with me since conception at least of What to Expect I don t know if that makes you a glutton for punishment but I do know it makes you an exceptionally important person in my life I ve lost count of editions and passes but not of the contributions you ve made to our babies Peter Workman a publishing giant who outgrew many office spaces since the day I first met him but never outgrew his small publishing roots and values And everyone else at Workman who has helped so much along the way Suzie Bolotin Lisa Hollander Beth Levy Barbara Peragine Jenny Mandel and Emily Krasner and all the many in sales and marketing busy selling what I m writing Matt Beard our favorite photographer and one of our favorite people ever for perfectly capturing that Lennox essence for our cover Lynn Parmentier for her quilting genius and Karen Kuchar for babies so beautiful you could practically scratch and sniff vii their sweetness Dr Mark Widome professor pediatrician and fellow grandparent not only for knowing it all but for being able to dispense that knowledge with equal doses of common sense care compassion wisdom and good humor I m more grateful than I can say for vetting our latest baby my only beef being that you practice too far away to be Lennox s pediatrician Happily that role is filled by LA s finest Dr Lauren Crosby who has helped Lennox and his parents through feeding struggles sepsis slow growth reflux and more with endless energy and empathy The AAP and pediatricians pediatric nurses nurse practicioners and physician assistants everywhere for caring so much about the health and well-being of our little ones The passionate doctors scientists and public health advocates at the CDC for absolutely everything you do and do with such passion and tireless dedication The greater good is so much better off because of you And 1 000 Days for our shared vision together we ll make it happen healthy moms healthy babies and a healthy future that begins before the beginning All of my passionate purple-wearing friends at WhatToExpect com especially Michael Rose and Diane Otter Ben Wolin and Scott Wolf the awesome edit and product team for making my online and mobile home feel well like home I love working with you because it never feels like work My beautiful sweet nurturing publicist and friend Heidi Schaeffer And the other men in my life my agent Alan Nevins and my attorney Marc Chamlin The amazing USO for partnering with the What to Expect Foundation to viii acknowled g ments create Special Delivery and give me the opportunity to hug so many military mamas and babies And most of all to the mamas and daddies who sacrifice sleep showers and sit-down meals to nurture the babies we all get to love on You inspire me every moment of every day So much love especially to my WhatToExpect com family of families as well as my Twitter and Facebook families keep those baby fixes coming Big hugs Contents F O R E W O R D A New Baby Bible by Mark D Widome M D M P H I N T R O D U C T I O N A Very Different First Year CHAP TER xix xxiii 1 Get Ready Get Set 2 Choosing Breast or Formula or Both 2 Breastfeeding When You Can t or Shouldn t Breastfeed The Breast Team Breastfeeding Myths Formula Feeding Your Feelings Choosing to Circumcise or Not 10 Diaper Decisions Choosing a Name 12 For Parents Preparing an Older Child Choosing Help 14 Baby Nurse Help Wanted For Parents Prepping the Family Pet Postpartum Doula Grandparents For Parents Running Grandparent Interference Choosing a Baby Doctor 19 Health Insurance for a Healthy Family Pediatrician or Family Practitioner What Kind of Practice Is Perfect Finding Dr Right Topics to Discuss Making Sure Baby Dr Right Is Right for You CHAP TER 2 Buying for Baby 28 Buying the Baby Basics 28 A Buyer s Guide 29 Wardrobe Wise Baby Clothes Baby s Linens Diapers The Bottom Line on Cloth Diapers Baby s Grooming Supplies The Green Scene Baby s Medicine Cabinet Baby Feeding Supplies Feeding Chairs As Your Baby Grows Baby s Nursery Crib Notes on Crib Safety Bye-Bye Bumpers Safe Bedside Sleeping Double Up on Diaper Stations Gear for Outings Seal of Approval Car Seat Accessories to Skip The LATCH System A Place for Baby Supervised Seating Buying for Baby s Future No Walkers Are Safe Walkers CHAP TER 3 Breastfeeding Basics 60 Getting Started Breastfeeding 60 Getting the Breast Help Breastfeeding 101 63 How Lactation Works Getting Comfortable Getting Into Position Getting the Right Latch Sucking Versus Suckling Knowing How Long to Feed Feeding Standard Time Knowing How Often to Feed What Type of Nurser Is Your Baby What You May Be Wondering About 72 Colostrum Milk Stages Engorged Breasts Let-Down Pain During Breastfeeding For Parents It Takes Three Overabundant Milk Leaking and Spraying Cluster Feedings Sore Nipples Inverted Nipples Bumps on the Road to Success Time Spent Breastfeeding Mom Falling Asleep While Nursing Breast Milk It s Not Just for Breakfast Anymore What to Wear Nursing in Public Tandem Nursing I ll Have What He s Having A Breast Lump Mastitis Favoring One Breast Breastfeeding When You re Sick Birth Control and the Breastfeeding Mom Breastfeeding and Your Period Time to Stock Up on Tampons Exercise and Nursing Combining Breast and Bottle Combo Amounts Nipple Confusion Got You Confused When Formula Is Necessary Relactation Pumping Up Supply Banking on Milk Banks Breastfeeding an Adopted Baby A L L A B O U T Keeping Your Milk Healthy and Safe 96 What You Eat Bone Up for Breastfeeding Can Foods Make Milk What You Drink What Medication You Take Back on the Menu What You Should Avoid CHAPTER 4 A First Year Timeline The First Year at a Glance 104 You Know Your Baby Best Developmental Milestones in the First Year 106 It s Cumulative Preemie Timing Growth Charts 114 CHAP TER 5 Your Newborn 120 Your Baby s First Moments 120 Delayed Cord Clamping Testing Your Baby Apgar Test For Babies Born at Home Newborn Hearing Screening Don t Forget to Cover Your Baby Feeding Your Baby Getting Started Formula Feeding 125 Need Help at the Breast Selecting a Formula Formulas of Formula How Much Formula Bottle-Feeding Safely Do Add-Ins Add Up Bottle-Feeding Basics Bottle-Feeding with Love The Formula for a Happy Baby What You May Be Wondering About 133 Birthweight Weight Loss Baby s Appearance For Parents Meeting Greeting and Bonding Eye Ointment Portrait of a Newborn Bloodshot Eyes Eye Color Baby s Sleepiness For Parents Rooming-In Gagging Empty Breasts Sleeping Through Meals A Newborn State of Mind For Parents Have You Heard the One Nonstop Feeding Tips for Successful Feeding Sessions Cracking the Crying Code Quivering Chin Startling For Parents Newly Delivered Birthmarks Newborn Reflexes Baby Business Blotchy Skin Mouth Cysts or Spots Early Teeth Thrush A Milky Tongue Jaundice Stool Color The Scoop on Newborn Poop Pacifier Use Going Home A Safe Ride Home A L L A B O U T Baby-Care Basics 158 Diapering Baby Burping Baby Bathing Baby Shampooing Baby Ear Care Nose Care Nail Trimming Umbilical Stump Care Penis Care Dressing Baby Lifting and Carrying Baby Swaddling Baby Newborn Care Feeding and Reading CHAP TER 6 The First Month 171 Feeding Your Baby This Month Pumping Breast Milk 171 Baby Basics at a Glance First Month Why Pump Choosing a Pump Is Your Pump Covered Preparing to Pump Pumping Shouldn t Hurt Pumping Practice Makes Perfect How to Express Breast Milk Tell Tales from the Other Side Where Does the Milk Go Storing Breast Milk Quick Tip Exclusive Pumping Breast Milk at a Glance What You May Be Wondering About 180 Breaking Baby The Fontanels What Month Is It Anyway Having Enough Breast Milk Baby Getting Enough Breast Milk Filling Out Supplemental Nursing System Timing Is Everything Tongue-Tied Nursing Blisters Feeding Schedule Double the Trouble Double the Fun Changing Your Mind About Breastfeeding Too Much Formula Supplementary Water Vitamin Supplements For Parents Getting Everything Done Whites Colors and Baby s Spitting Up Quick Tip Blood in Spit-up Milk Allergy Sensitivities in Breastfed Babies Bowel Movements Explosive Bowel Movements Flat Out the Best Way to Sleep Passing Gas Constipation Sleeping Position Safe Sleeping Is Silence Golden When Baby Is Sleeping No Sleeping Pattern Better Sleep for Baby Restless Sleep Mixing Up of Day and Night Baby s Breathing Moving a Sleeping Baby to a Crib Babies Are Supposed to Cry Putting Crying on Hold Crying You Can t Spoil a Newborn Colic For Parents Surviving Colic Prescription for Colic Coping with Crying For Parents Helping Siblings Live with Colic Pacifier Healing of the Umbilical Cord Umbilical Hernia Circumcision Care Swollen Scrotum Hypospadias Swaddling Outings with Baby Keeping Baby the Right Temperature Taking Baby Out Touchy Strangers A Summer Rash Baby Breakouts Baby s Skin Color Skin Color Changes Hearing How Loud Is Too Loud Keeping Baby Safe Vision Crossed Eyes Teary Eyes Sneezing First Smiles Hiccups A L L A B O U T Baby Development 234 The Pattern of Development Making Time for Tummy Time Today s Slower Babies CHAPTER 7 The Second Month 238 Feeding Your Baby Introducing the Supplemental Bottle 238 Baby Basics at a Glance Second Month What s in the Bottle Bottle-Free Winning Baby Over Making the Introduction Supplementation Myths Mix It Up Supplementing When Baby Isn t Thriving What You May Be Wondering About 243 Smiling Cooing How Do You Talk to a Baby Understanding Your Baby A Second Language Baby Won t Sleep on Back Making the Most of the First Three Years Trouble with Tummy Time Baby Massage For Parents A Father s Touch Cradle Cap Crooked Feet Undescended Testicles Penile Adhesion Inguinal Hernia A L L A B O U T Stimulating Your Baby s Senses 255 Early Learning Made Simple Developing the Fun Way CHAPTER 8 The Third Month 262 Feeding Your Baby Breastfeeding and Working 262 Baby Basics at a Glance Third Month Making the Workplace Nursing-Friendly What You May Be Wondering About 266 Time for a Schedule Happy to Be Schedule-Free Baby Falling Asleep While Feeding Waking Up for Nighttime Feeds Attached to Attachment Parenting or Attached Without It Preventing Sudden Infant Death Syndrome SIDS Breathing Lapses Breathing Emergencies Bed Sharing From Bassinet to Crib For Parents To Work or Not to Work Early Weaning The Longer the Better Being Tied Down by Breastfeeding Fewer Bowel Movements Diaper Rash Penis Sore Still Jerky Movements Leaving Baby with a Sitter Jogging with Baby For Parents The New Face of Fatherhood Never Shake a Baby A L L A B O U T The Right Childcare for Baby 287 In-Home Care Babysitter Checklist Is He Manny Enough for the Job The Business of Hiring a Nanny Group Daycare Keeping an Eye on the Sitter How s the Childcare Check with Your Child Home Daycare Safe Sleeping and Sitters Corporate Daycare Sick-Baby Workdays Babies on the Job CHAPTER 9 The Fourth Month 302 Feeding Your Baby Formula Amounts 302 Baby Basics at a Glance Fourth Month What About This Month What You May Be Wondering About 304 Breast Rejection Wriggling at Changing Time Propping Baby Fussing in Baby Seat Unhappy in Car Seat Thumb Sucking Suck on This Chubby Baby Hold the Juice A Baby Workout Thin Baby Heart Murmur Black Stool A L L A B O U T Playthings for Baby 314 Suitable for Cuddling CHAP TER 10 The Fifth Month 317 Feeding Your Baby Thinking About Solids 317 Baby Basics at a Glance Fifth Month What You May Be Wondering About 319 Teething Tooth Eruption Chart Chronic Cough Ear Pulling Naps For Parents Carving Out Couple Time Eczema Food Allergies Baby Swing Jumpers The Challenging Baby iBaby A L L A B O U T A Safe Environment for Your Baby Safe Baby Products A Greener Clean Clearing the Air Rethinking Your Home Decor Purify with Plants Testing the Waters A Safer Walk on the 333 Wild Side The Dirty Dozen and the Clean Team Checking the Food Chain Food Hazards in Perspective In The Know About GMOs Banishing Bugs BPA in Food Containers Lead Can Lead to Trouble CHAP TER 11 The Sixth Month 343 Feeding Your Baby Starting Solids 343 First Feedings and Beyond Baby Basics at a Glance Sixth Month Feeding Baby Safely First Foods and Beyond DIY Baby Food Expanding Baby s Repertoire No Honey for Your Little Honey What You May Be Wondering About 349 Getting Baby to Sleep Through the Night For More Z s Try C for Consistency Watch Your Response Time Worked Up and Throwing Up Sleeping Through the Night Together It s All in the Timing What Will the Neighbors Think A Bedtime Routine For Parents Baby s Sleeping Through How About You Still Using a Pacifier Early Rising Flipping During the Night Bathing in the Big Tub Safe Big-Bath Bathing Bottle Rejection in a Breastfed Baby Baby-Bottle Mouth Brushing Baby s Teeth Cereal Snubbing Iron It s Elementary A Vegetarian or Vegan Diet Changes in Bowel Movements Elimination Communication Walkers and Stationary Play Centers The 30-Minute Rule Pre-Walking Shoes A L L A B O U T Stimulating Your Older Baby 369 How Do You Speak to Your Baby Now CHAP TER 12 The Seventh Month 374 Feeding Your Baby Ready-Made or Homemade Baby Foods 374 Baby Basics at a Glance Seventh Month Ready-Made Baby Food Squeezing the Best from Food Pouches Food for Thought Homemade Baby Foods Pesticides on Produce Baby Food Stages Weaning from the Breast Baby-Led Weaning High Chair Safety Tips What You May Be Wondering About 381 Picking Up Baby Facing-Front Facts For Parents Only-for-You Behavior Using a Back Carrier Not Sitting Yet Biting Nipples Room Sharing Now For Parents Dinner and a Baby Teeth Coming in Crooked Look Who s Talking Tooth Stains A L L A B O U T Making Home Safe for Baby Babyproofing Around the House Safe Gates Kick Butt Texting While Parenting Red Light Greenery No Gun Is a Safe Gun Babyproofing in the 391 Kitchen Happy Safe Holidays Not a Do-It-Yourselfer Babyproofing in the Bathroom There s No Substitute for Supervision Babyproofing in the Laundry Room Babyproofing in the Garage Outdoor Safety Poison Control Teaching Your Baby to Be Safe Afraid of Heights Not Yet Swimming Lessons Don t Let the Bugs Bite CHAPTER 13 The Eighth Month 410 Feeding Your Baby Drinking from a Cup 410 Baby Basics at a Glance Eighth Month Sippy Sense Straw Savvy What You May Be Wondering About 415 Baby s First Words Signing with Baby Baby Signs Baby Smarts Sleep Regression Different Ways of Crawling Crawling Baby s Not Crawling Baby Making a Mess Eating Off the Floor Eating Dirt and Worse Getting Dirty Discovering Genitals Erections Play Yard Time Left- or Right-Handedness Reading to Baby Baby Books A L L A B O U T Putting the Super in Baby CHAP TER 426 14 The Ninth Month 428 Feeding Your Baby Finger Foods 428 Baby Basics at a Glance Ninth Month Spice It Up Best Finger Foods Moving Up from the Mushed Off the Finger Food Menu What You May Be Wondering About 432 Loss of Interest in Nursing Not Sitting Still for Bottles Got Cow s Milk Not Yet Fussy Eating Habits Self-Feeding Stick with Some Cereal Strange Stools Still Hairless Still Toothless Teething Pain and Night Crying How to Care for Baby Hair Pulling Up Not Pulling Up Flat Feet Walking Too Early Slow to Sit Slow to Go When in Doubt Check It Out Fear of Strangers Comfort Objects When Crib Slats Become Foot Traps A L L A B O U T Games Babies Play CHAP TER 444 15 The Tenth Month 446 Feeding Your Baby Eating Well for Beginners 446 Baby Basics at a Glance Tenth Month Bring Baby to the Table Healthy Baby Eating Getting a Head Start on Healthy Eating Habits Is It Done Yet What You May Be Wondering About 452 Messy Eating Habits Head Banging Rocking and Rolling Hair Twirling or Pulling Biting Made with the Shades Blinking Breath Holding For the Adoptive Parent Telling Baby Fears The Baby Social Scene Starting Classes A L L A B O U T The Beginning of Discipline 462 Spanking Don t Do It Discipline That Works Losing Control CHAPTER 16 The Eleventh Month 468 Feeding Your Baby Weaning from the Bottle 468 Baby Basics at a Glance Eleventh Month What You May Be Wondering About 472 Bowed Legs Falls Shoes for Walking Not Pulling Up Yet Baby Tooth Injuries Boo-Boos Happen Growth Swings Snacking Snacking Smarts Increased Separation Anxiety Bedtime Separation Anxiety Playing on Team Blue Team Pink or Team Neutral Giving Up on a Nap For Parents Thinking About the Next Baby Forgetting a Skill A L L A B O U T Baby Talk for the Older Baby CHAPTER 486 17 The Twelfth Month 490 Feeding Your Baby Weaning from the Breast 490 Baby Basics at a Glance Twelfth Month When to Wean How to Wean from the Breast For Parents Making the Breast Adjustment What You May Be Wondering About 496 Not Yet Walking Shyness Handle with Care The First Birthday Party Social Skills Putting the Weaned Baby to Bed Switching to a Bed Using a Pillow and a Blanket A Drop in Appetite Don t Have a Cow Increase in Appetite Refusing to Self-Feed Going Nuts Growing Independence Negativity The Second Year Continued Watching TV Technology for Tots A L L A B O U T Stimulating Your 1-Year-Old 511 The Eyes Have It Already Keep Your Toddler Safe from Your Toddler CHAPTER 18 Traveling with Your Baby 515 On the Go with Your Baby 515 Traveling by Car Traveling by Plane Traveling by Train CHAPTER 19 Keeping Your Baby Healthy 523 What You Can Expect at Checkups 524 First Test Results For Parents The Pediatrician s Role in Postpartum Depression Making the Most of Those Monthly Checkups Immunizations 526 The ABCs of DTaPs and MMRs and IPVs For the Adoptive Parent Adoption Medicine Vaccine Smarts For Parents Vaccines They re Not Just for Kids Staying Up-to-Date Vaccines for an Adopted Baby The Reality About Immunization Myths Recommended Immunization Schedule Calling the Doctor 537 When to Call the Doctor Parent s Intuition Before You Call the Doctor Figuring Out Fever 542 Taking Your Baby s Temperature Evaluating the Temperature Treating a Fever Febrile Convulsions A L L A B O U T Medication 548 Getting Medication Information Giving Medicine Safely Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen Don t Give These to Your Baby Herbal Remedies Helping the Medicine Go Down Dose Right The Most Common Infant Illnesses 554 Common Cold The Frequent Cold Program Allergies This Year Ear Infection Some Probiotics with Those Antibiotics Flu Respiratory Syncytial Virus RSV For Parents Keeping Your Germs to Yourself Croup Containing Germs Constipation Diarrhea Signs of Dehydration Urinary Tract Infection UTI A Better Juice for Your Sick Baby The Most Common Chronic Conditions 567 Asthma Asthma or RAD Celiac Disease Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease GERD Projectile Vomiting The Special-Needs Baby Hearing Loss or Impairment Hearing Loss Due to Fluid in Ears CHAPTER 20 Treating Injuries 574 Preparing for Emergencies 574 ED or ER First Aid in the First Year 576 Abdominal Injuries Bites Bleeding Bleeding Internal Broken Bones or Fractures Bruises Skin Burns Chemical Burns Choking Cold Injuries Convulsions Cuts Dislocation Dog Bites Drowning Submersion Injury Ear Injuries Electric Shock Eye Injury Fainting Loss of Consciousness Finger and Toe Injuries Making a Boo-Boo Better Foreign Objects Fractures Frostbite and Frostnip Head Injuries Heat Injuries Hyperthermia Hypothermia Insect Stings or Bites Lip Split or Cut Mouth Injuries Nose Injuries Poisoning Poison Ivy Poison Oak Poison Sumac Puncture Wounds Scalds Scrapes Seizures Severed Limb or Digit Shock Skin Wounds Snakebites Spider Bites Splinters Sunburn Swallowed Foreign Objects Teeth Injury to Tick Bites Toe Injuries Tongue Injury to Choking and Breathing Emergencies for Babies 594 When Baby is Choking CPR The Most Important Skill You ll Hopefully Never Need For Older Babies Breathing and Cardiopulmonary Emergencies 598 C-A-B Activate Emergency Medical System Now When Breathing Returns CHAPTER 21 The Low-Birthweight Baby 601 Feeding Your Baby Nutrition for the Preterm or Low-Birthweight Infant 602 Feeding in the Hospital Early Weight Loss Expressing Milk for a Premature Baby Feeding Challenges Feeding at Home What You May Be Wondering About 607 Bonding Kangaroo Care Look at the NICU NICU Words to Know Being Part of Your Baby s Team Portrait of a Preemie Handling a Long NICU Stay The Emotional Roller Coaster Preemies by Category Give Yourself a Break Breastfeeding Handling a Tiny Baby Sending Baby Home Permanent Problems For Siblings The Littlest Sib Home Care for Preterm Babies Catching Up Preemie Vaccines Car Seats A L L A B O U T Health Problems Common in Low-Birthweight Babies 625 CPR Training Don t Go Home Without It Rehospitalization FIRST YEAR MOMENTS MILESTONES 631 I N D E X 645 xix F O R E W O R D A New Baby Bible T he first year of life is like no other and it s arguably the year that most impacts all the years that follow how healthy they are how happy they are even how many of them there are Clearly the first is a very big year for those so little Take growth with a typical doubling of birth weight in the first 20 weeks and a tripling of birth weight by the first birthday Length or height by the time your child is standing at a year has increased by perhaps 50 percent and brain growth as roughly measured by head circumference has increased by 30 percent One-year-olds are already 40 percent of their adult height and their brains are nearly 80 percent of adult size Who else but an infant grows 10 inches in a year But physical growth is not the most remarkable change Within minutes and hours of birth a baby s physiology remarkably transforms from one that is suited only for intrauterine life to one that can survive unattached Before birth oxygen comes not from the air but from the mother s blood circulating to the placenta Unborn babies get nutrition by that same route bypassing their unused digestive tracts Likewise for eliminating most of the products of metabolism But as the umbilical cord is cut blood flow dramatically shifts from placenta to lungs and breathing is established to exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide Not long after as the newborn baby is put to breast or bottle the digestive tract is also recruited to do its new job Fortunately parents do not need to do much to make all this happen The transitions at birth mostly occur automatically flawlessly and on schedule Without minimizing the challenges of pregnancy labor and delivery mothers and fathers too soon realize that greater challenges lie ahead Namely nurturing a newborn s development Most of the behavioral repertoire of newborns is to use a popular but imperfect term hardwired A newborn s brain and nervous system are preprogrammed to do what babies need to do to survive and to thrive at least initially Babies are programmed to cry to suck They are programmed to startle and to be soothed Without thinking they provide eye contact to their parents And gratefully they are programmed to smile Babies do not need to be taught to enjoy their parents voices and songs and they have built-in

Author Heidi Murkoff and Sharon Mazel Isbn 0061968730 File size 11 Mb Year 2014 Pages 373 Language English File format PDF Category Family and Friendship Some things about babies happily will never change They still arrive warm cuddly soft and smelling impossibly sweet But how moms and dads care for their brand new bundles of baby joy has changed and now so has the new baby bible Announcing the completely revised third edition of What to Expect the First Year With over 10 5 million